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All original music with an EP released in 2014, a single released in 2015, a full length album in 2016, a 35 minute Vinyl released in 2017 available on iTunes, Spotify and a single in 2018 at New EP coming summer of 2019. AJ Froman’s sound is progressive rock driven with psychedelic, ambient breakdowns, syncopated rhythms and driving dancy riffs. The band is 5 years old, has been on numerous tours up the West Coast and has played music festivals throughout Southern California.

“If there was one local band who could benefit from a renewed interest in Zappa’s offbeat musical legacy, it might be AJ Froman“ – SD Reader

“Channeling equal parts Mars Volta, King Crimson and Led Zeppelin, they deftly maneuver through endless twists and turns in difficult time signatures and intricate song structures only they’d imagine.” – NBC 7 Sounddiego


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Stage Plot ‘19