The Story

AJ Froman originally started as a recording project between Albert Bowman and John Joyce. Two musicians from the east coast living in San Diego who came together with similar musical interests. After recording a 7-song EP with the help of Jeff Shaefer, the three began a latin, experimental, progressive rock project. After cycling through a variety of musicians, the band currently consists of Sarah Norwood, Patrick DeWit, Albert Bowman, Jeff Shaefer, and John Joyce.

Since then, the full band has released a 5-song EP entitled ‘Nocturno EP’ in 2014, a full length album entitled ‘Phoenix Syndrome’ in 2016 a vinyl in 2017 entitled, “Indecorum” available on iTunes and Spotify, and a newly released single in 2018. With influences ranging from latin, psychedelic, progressive, experimental, and blues, as well as being accompanied by live artist, Jimmy Ovadia, the group does a fine job taking you on a musical journey through harmonized melodies and syncopated rhythms.


“Channeling equal parts Mars Volta, King Crimson and Led Zeppelin, they deftly manuever through endless twists and turns in difficult time signatures and intricate song structures only they’d imagine.”NBC 7 Sounddiego


“If there was one local band who could benefit from a renewed interest in Zappa’s offbeat musical legacy, it might be AJ Froman – SD Reader

Albert Bowman

Albert is a composer, focusing on film music. He’s worked on short films, animations, industrials, commercials and with live bands, both performing and recording. Skilled in the use of modern technologies and DAWs, Albert can produce, mix and edit; he also has experience recording and mixing live bands. His writing style includes quirky, rock-infused, Mothersbaugh-esque scores as well as moody experimental pieces, energetic classical work, grooving electronic songs, and hybridized world music. Drawing from myriad sources of musical and sonic inspiration, Albert crafts a unique sound reflecting a modern composer.​

John Joyce

Originally from the east coast, John has been playing and writing music since the age of 15. Coming from playing in more aggressive punk/hardcore bands in his high school years and eventually becoming more interested in experimental rock, blues and jazz, his influences range quite a bit. John teaches guitar, plays bass, piano, percussion, and tinkers with drums and electronic devices. He also records and produces music for all instruments as well as local bands and solo artists. John is always interested in new and creative collaborations to be a part of. Some of his influences include; Frank Zappa, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Radiohead, Madlib, Animal Collective, Medeski, Martin & Wood, early Incubus, Tera Melos, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, Hendrix, and TOOL.

Jeff Shaefer

Jeff Shaefer is a musician and has been a part of the SoCal music scene since 2007.  Originally from Stockton, CA, Jeff grew up playing guitar and screaming in local hardcore, metal, and garage projects.  After moving to Virginia in 2004 to study photography he discovered jam and psychedelic music, at which point he became obsessed with lead guitar and tone control. Since moving back to California in 2007 he has continued to explore new tones and tinker with various analog effects and synthesizers, as well as perform in a variety of different acts. Jeff has been playing and composing in AJ Froman since 2012 and currently lives in San Diego, Ca.

Sarah Norwood

After I was born this time, I started dancing and playing music, first with my voice, then later piano and guitar. I made music with my feet as well, now that I recall. After LA, I moved to San Diego to study dance in greater detail, meanwhile my interest in song writing developed. I swam in the ocean, partied, and started skateboarding.
And then there was Froman.

Blair McGloiry